Our Man In the Orient — James Bond in Manga, Manhua, & Lianhuanhua


Takao Saito’s Official 007 Japanese Manga

In this gallery, you’ll find custom translations of Saito’s adaptations of Live and Let Die, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and The Man With the Golden Gun!

Don’t forget that manga reads from right to left so don’t forget that as you follow the flow of the story!

Manhua_4 Cover.jpg

James bond in Chinese Manhua

The Chinese equivalent of comic books, manhua are roughly the same size of American comics and follow the typical sequential art pattern that most of us are comfortable with. As an added bonus, the books in this gallery read from left to right, so this should be easily understood by our Western sensibilities!


james Bond in Chinese Lianhuanhua

Produced cheaply and quickly, lianhuanhua are pocket sized Chinese “linked picture books” which, while similar to comic books in printing technique and art style, have much more in common with illustrated story books in form and flow.


Miscellaneous Manga, Manhua, & Lianhuanhua

Difficult to categorize, so I’ll let the work speak for itself!