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ALAN J. PORTER — Author and scholar

Friend of the site and all-around nice guy, author Alan J. Porter manages his own site where you can stay up to date on his various projects and purchase copies of his books.  For an excellent resource on Bond comics, track down his book James Bond:  The History of the Illustrated 007, published by Hermes Press.


illustrated 007

As James Bond himself would say, "A feast for my eyes!"  Illustrated 007 is an excellent blog by Bond collector Peter Lorenz. Follow the link and you can view a wide array Bond artwork across all mediums to help you create your own collection of 007 memorabilia.


Artistic Licence renewed

For the literary Bond aficionado, Artistic Licence Renewed, the Literary James Bond Magazine, is a site dedicated to the art of Bond cover artist Richard Chopping, the prose of Ian Fleming, and so much more!  Click on the link to read informative articles, view amazing artwork, and submit a Field Report to our friend Tom Cull.


Club Archivo 007

Not only an excellent guide to Bond in the Spanish speaking world, but a treasure trove of Spanish language Bond comics, articles, and much more can be found at Club Archivo 007!


James Bond in EspaÑol

To see Bond and much more from the history of publisher Editorial Columba, follow the blogs D’Artagnan Historietas and Columberos!

Spy Hunters cover.jpg

Spy Comics and more

For a treasure trove of comic books that have lapsed into the public domain, including spy thrillers, detectives, superheroes, horror, romance, and much more, then follow these links to Comic Book Plus and the Digital Comic Museum!

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Further Reading

Some of my favorite Bond and Bond related sites, podcasts, and blogs are as follows: MI6-HQ, James Bond Radio, On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast, Spy Vibe, The Book Bond, 007 Dossier, Spy Guys and Gals, James Bond - The Secret Agent, Double O Section, Bond-O-Rama, and Toys of Bond.

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