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Bond film adaptations — editorial Columba

newly declassified english language translations

Originally appearing in D'artagnan magazines by Argentine publisher Editorial Columba, these comics are unofficial adaptations of James Bond films and novels, oftentimes constituting hybrids of the film narrative with Fleming's original stories for a more interesting and literary reading experience.  In some cases, more than a few artistic liberties have been taken by the comic creators, leading to some original plot elements not typically seen in comic book adaptations. 

All original material printed in Spanish and translated into English by your faithful translator.

007 James bond — Editorial zig-zag

newly declassified English language translations

Originally released by Chilean publisher Editorial Zig-Zag, these comic books began as official adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels and short stories, including expanded episodes inspired or suggested by Fleming.  In addition to adaptations, original stories were also created for a full run of 59 issues. 

All original material printed in Spanish and translated into English.

Goldeneye film adaptation — Topps Comics

unreleased issues

Originally released by American publisher Topps Comics as an adaptation of the 1995 EON Productions film of the same name, only one issue of a planned three-issue series made it to publication, along with a black-and-white teaser issue #00 for the convention circuit.  Despite this, issues #2 and #3 were written, illustrated, inked, and lettered, and they are now here for your enjoyment!  Adapted by writer Don McGregor, with art by Claude St. Aubin, inks by Rick Magyar, and covers painted by Brian Stelfreeze.

Support your local comic shop and seek out back issues of GoldenEye #00 and #1 to complete the story, and for more James Bond action by Don McGregor, check out the Dark Horse/Acme Comics limited series James Bond 007:  The Quasimodo Gambit!

Assorted James Bond film adaptations

newly declassified English language translations

This gallery features James Bond adaptations published by Sweden’s Semic Press, Spain’s Editorial Bruguera, and Argentina’s Editoral Cielosur, now translated into English for your eyes only.


OUR MAN IN JAPAN — Takao Saito’s Manga


Ian Fleming first took Bond to the Land of the Rising Sun in You Only Live Twice, but thanks to the acclaimed Takao Saito, our favorite secret agent was able to enthrall readers in Japan and China with comic adaptations of Fleming’s novels, though not without taking some considerable liberties with the source material to keep things interesting. Saito would also create manga based on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and would later go on to create his own secret agent in the long running series Golgo 13, something fans consider his Bond manga to be a dry run for.

a gun barrel of laughs

foreign language Parodies and Oddities

Everyone loves a good laugh, even Max Zorin!  In this gallery you'll find a collection of comics and stories full of intentional (and sometimes unintentional) humor, as well as the adventures of popular Argentine spy Pepe Sánchez.  Let's hope Q’s wish doesn’t come true and 007 NEVER grows up!


the saint. literary legends, and the spy craze

Created by Leslie Charteris, Simon Templar, aka The Saint, predates James Bond and was a strong influence on Ian Fleming.  Although not a spy, the two globetrotting adventurers have long been seen as kindred spirits in the popular consciousness thanks to their similarities in taste and style, and in no small part to the appearance of future James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore playing Simon Templar on the popular TV series while Sean Connery and George Lazenby kept the Walther PPK warm for him.

This gallery features two collections of comics featuring The Saint that have all lapsed into the public domain.  First, published in 1942 by Lev Gleason Productions in Silver Streak Comics, we have The Saint features written by Leslie Charteris.  Secondly, published by Avon Periodicals from 1947-1952, The Saint comic book series (alternately known as The Saint Detective Cases), totaling 12 issues.

Also included in this gallery are original comic book spies, literary detectives, and foreign-language comic adaptations of the adventures of Matt Helm, The Persuaders, and many others that resulted from the Spy Craze of the 1960s!

oddjobs & Nick Nacks

bond comics miscellanea

Difficult to categorize but nonetheless worthy of dissemination!  This section features various curiosities from the world of Bond in comics.


English language comics and comic strip collection covers featuring James Bond 007.

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